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Our Vision  

A healthy and stable society of empowered communities working together towards attaining sustainable self-reliance and development:

Our Mission

OHPM is committed to promote the lives of communities through provision of comprehensive and standardized health, education and development services; conducting training, researches, surveys and evaluations independently and/or collaboratively at local, national and international levels that would ultimately result in a sustainable well-being and self-reliance of vulnerable communities /age groups (Especially of the women of reproductive age and under five children). Strategic Approach: OHPM is working towards the realization of its vision through various strategic approaches that are believed to be context-specific, technically sound and practically achievable. OHPM has a well-defined mission, which will help the organization to realize its vision of “A healthy and stable society of empowered communities working together for attaining sustainable self-reliance and development”. The three main strategic objectives of OHPM outlined below are based on the striking needs of the mostly underprivileged communities in Afghanistan, and at the same time, are in line with the overall developmental objectives of the government of Afghanistan.
1. To contribute to the achievement of lower maternal, under-five and infant mortality rates as targeted by the government of Afghanistan.
2. To promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle among Afghan population through evidence based and culturally tailored behavior changed communication programs.
3. To contribute to achievement of better standards of living for Afghans, as recommended by the millennium declaration of the United Nations, which could be indicated by improvement in sociology-demographic indicators and indices; and
4. To significantly improve the level of knowledge and skills of professional and common Afghans in matters related to development of individuals and the community. OHPM aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Afghanistan through provision of developmental and humanitarian services in public health, education, agriculture and community development, youth development, emergency response sectors; and training and capacity/skill building of Afghans –both professionals and laypersons – in various disciplines and skills. OHPM is working mainly through 7 interrelated, yet distinct strategic approaches to reach to its objectives. These approaches are:
1. Designing and implementing community development and empowerment programs;
2. Providing primary, secondary and tertiary health services according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan;
3. Conducting researches in the different academic and social areas;
4. Providing agricultural services and support by promoting improved seeds usage, storage and mechanized tools
5. Providing the ground for alternative livelihood to farmers in order to swap poppy cultivation to any other legal crop
6. Maintaining and developing Rural Water & Sanitation environment
7. Building capacities and skills of common Afghans and professional of different fields and sectors;
8. Providing on time response to the emergencies affecting communities through donor based funding
9. Providing youth development and awareness programs and facilitate integration of youth returning to Afghanistan from other countries
It seeks sustainable solutions to long-term problems of poverty, with special emphasis on the needs of rural communities in mountainous, coastal and other resource poor areas across the country. Concentrating its efforts in health, education, agriculture, rural development and the strengthening of civil society sectors, OHPM approach is based on long-term commitment that is maintained even during political and social uncertainty.